Global Breast Health Analytics Map (GloBAM)

Global Breast Health Analytics Map (GloBAM) is an interactive data platform for collecting, visualizing and analyzing the determinants of the global breast cancer burden. GloBAM provides a means for linking data on breast cancer incidence and mortality, health spending, cancer policies and practices, determinants of health and more by country. This innovative tool harnesses a wealth of data regarding breast cancer care worldwide and is vital to mapping health system resource levels, identifying gaps in breast health care and shaping resource-appropriate solutions. Data will be updated to reflect new data releases from IARC, the World Bank, WHO, IHME and other sources. GloBAM is essential tool in producing informed situation analyses of breast health care systems and serves as a platform for tracking measurable outcomes.

GloBAM was created by the Breast Health Global Initiative at Fred Hutch for Breast Cancer Initiative 2.5 through an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer Inc.

Data Sources

The GloBAM data was derived from a number of excellent sources which are detailed on our GloBAM Data Sources page.

Data Usage Policy

When citing GloBAM, please cite the appropriate data sources (see GloBAM Data Sources page) and use the following text

Global Breast Cancer Analytics Map (GloBAM). Breast Cancer Initiative 2.5. Seattle, WA. Available at http://globam.fredhutch.org. Accessed (insert date).

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